Adult Acne Treatment - An Ultimate Guide to Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Acne refers to a chronic, inflammatory condition of the skin that leads to spots and pimples. The prominently affected areas are the face, back, neck shoulders, chest, and upper arms. Acne is considered to be a significant problem during puberty, as a result of activation of the sebaceous glands, but, it can occur in adults as well. One key point to keep under consideration is that it affects every three out of four persons between the ages of 12-34. Hence, people suffering from acne are continually looking for effective adult acne treatment. The treatment depends on the severity and the persistence of your acne.


The Symptoms of Adult Acne


The Symptoms of adult acne largely depend on how severe your condition is? Sometimes it is easy to spot this chronic condition at an early stage, whereas, sometimes it is not recognizable even at the later stages. There are majorly six types of symptoms of adult acne, considering which you can judge that you may be suffering from this condition too.

First being the Whiteheads, they are the closed plugged pores on your skin. Secondly, you can spot Blackheads on your skin, which are open plugged pores. It is to note that blackheads must not be confused with moles.

Other symptoms of adult acne are Papules and Pimples. They are the small red, tender bumps on your skin which are easy to spot. If there is a presence of pus at their tips, then it must be a pimple.

Some significant symptoms of adult acne are nodules and cystic lesions. They are painful lumps that are present beneath or on the skin and may have pus in them. Both of these conditions are prominent symptoms of cystic adult acne


Causes of Adult Acne


There are numerous causes of adult acne which you might not even know yet. One of the significant causes of adult acne is the blocking of follicles, and the oil builds up under the skin. This can be explained as the human skin has oil glands underneath. Follicles are generally small sacs responsible for producing and secreting liquids. When an oily liquid known as sebum is produced, it carries the dead skin cells out of the skin. The leading cause of adult acne is the blockage of these pores and the deposition of oil under the skin.

The condition gets serious when the skin is affected by a bacterial strain responsible for the acne. Propionibacterium acnes are the strains that are accountable for the infections of pimples. The severity of your acne is dependent on the bacterial strain that is responsible.

Some other causes of adult acne are hormonal factors, use of cosmetics, medication, emotional stress, and menstruation. The primary hormone which is responsible for acne is androgen. The presence of high levels of androgen leads to the excessive production of sebum. As a result of this, the skin gets more prone to bacterial attacks. In addition to this, menstruation and emotional stress lead to the hormonal imbalance in the body, resulting in adult acne. Apart from this, the use of greasy cosmetics, which too block the glands and leads to accumulation of oil under the skin, is also a significant cause of adult acne.


Adult Acne Treatment


The adult acne treatment varies from person to person, the skin type, and the severity of your condition. You can always prefer a good dermatologist or can use some methods yourself for adult acne treatment.

If you have mild acne, then it can be treated with OTC. OTC stands for over-the-counter medications. These constitute soaps, gels, pads, creams, and lotions that can be used on the skin to treat acne. If you have oily skin, you should go for alcohol-based gels. In the case of sensitive skins, creams and lotions are the best. These are some of the measures which you can take for adult acne treatment.


Natural Method to Get Rid of Acne Permanently


There are various natural methods to get rid of acne permanently, which are very effective and non-allergic. There are abundant of such methods but, the paste of orange peel can be applied on your skin.

  • You can also apply cinnamon powder and honey paste on the face as a mask.
  • You can also apply lemon as well as tea tree oil on your skin as a natural method to get rid of acne permanently.

In addition to this, you can also take care of what you eat. Include vitamin A, zinc, and protein-rich foods in your diet as a natural method to get rid of acne permanently. 

Hence, above were the symptoms, causes, and treatment of adult acne which you can consider to get rid of adult acne. Moreover, if you are taking medicines already, you can always compare online pharmacies for their prescription medications on Digmedix.  Digmedix helps you to compare the prices, reviews, and also the delivery information of these pharmacies.