How can I delay my period?

Every now and then, almost every woman has the urge to take a vacation from her menstrual cycle. Whether they have a big celebration, exam or a wedding and want to avoid cramps and bloating, or just want to fully enjoy their holiday trip, women have been successfully delaying their periods for years.

While most women in their lifetimes experience their period being late or even missing for a month, delaying your period, for whatever reason it may be, isn’t a part of your natural cycle, and therefore you should always consult with your chosen GP before taking any actions.


How does it work?


As mentioned, most women experience some sorts of irregularities in their period cycles during their lifetime. In young women, it can often occur as irregular bleeding, skipping of the bleeding, or as a difference in beginnings of their cycles, while older women sometimes experience missing their period or having it much earlier or later than they expected.

Menstrual cycles are different for every woman, and can sometimes be irregular due to various reasons. Sometimes we can miss a period or start bleeding later due to natural reasons, stress, unbalanced hormones, side-effects from pills, etc. While some girls are lucky enough to have a regular, painless cycle, with light bleeding that almost always comes on the expected date, some ladies are not that lucky. So, if you cannot rely on your period, and fear it will ruin your holiday, or just simply want to postpone it for whatever reason you may have, there are ways you could do that.


Period Delay Treatment


While there are many ways your period can be delayed naturally, most women tend to delay their periods by choosing from a variety of different pills, such as contraceptive pills and those specially for period delay, as they represent the most successful way of delaying your period. As we’ve mentioned, it is very important to be informed enough and to consult your doctor in advance, before taking anything pills and trying out any period delay methods.

For a majority of women, delaying periods is safe, and most of them don’t report any issues or side-effects. However, some side-effects may occur, but are usually minor, like nausea, diarrhea, light spotting or breast tenderness. Even though these side-effects aren’t serious, you should, however, contact your GP if any of them occur.

When considering period delay treatment, there are different methods and pills which you can take to delay your period for vacation. These pills work in a way that they contain a synthetic form of progesterone, so they keep your progesterone level high enough to ensure that the lining of the womb won’t break down and cause bleeding. Some of the most used methods of period delay medication include period delay pills like Norethisterone, Provera and Utovlan, as well as contraception pills.


Period Delay Tablets


Period delay pills that are most commonly used amongst women include Norethisterone, Provera and Utovlan. They are just some of many pills that are regularly used for period postponement. All of these pills require prescriptions from your doctor. You can save money on prescription medications just by using our prescription medication comparison service if you are living in the United Kingdom. You can compare more than 30 online pharmacies' prices, reviews and delivery informations for your period delay treatment such as Norethisterone, Provera & Utovlan.


Norethisterone, Provera & Utovlan


Norethisterone pills have a variety of uses, some of which include treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, pre-menstrual syndrome, postponement of menstruation, disseminated carcinoma of breast, etc.

Norethisterone, or Norethindrone, is a synthetic form of progesterone, and it imitates how your normal body progesterone would work. It is widely used by women and is reported to be safe and successful in period postponement.

A pill that is very similar to how Norethisterone works is Utovlan. Each tablet of Utovlan contains 5mg of norethisterone and has pretty much the same role and usage as Norethisterone. Another pill you can take to delay period for vacation is Provera- a pill that contains medroxyprogesterone and is also used in many women for period delay.

If you are not sure which of these pills are cheaper or more suitable for you, you can easily compare them and find more information on DigMedix. Since most of contraceptive pills and pills for period delay require a prescription, comparing prices and different medication can come in handy if you wish to save up some money.


Contraception Pills


Apart from being widely used for protection against unwanted pregnancy, contraception pills can be also consumed for period delay treatment. When considering using this method as a way of postponing menstruation, there are some things you should know.

Most packs of combined contraception pills contain 28 pills, from which 21 are active, and the rest are inactive, dummy pills. Firstly, one pill a day is consumed without a break. Then, you go into a pill-free interval, which means you will be taking the inactive dummy pills. During this week, bleeding may occur. This bleeding is called withdrawal bleeding and is not the same as period bleeding. Skipping inactive pills and starting a new pack of active pills will prevent withdrawal bleeding to occur. This method is the same for both monophasic and ED (every day) pills.

If you wish to choose contraception pills for period delay treatment, make sure you consult your doctor first, as every pack and brand of pills contain different levels of hormones, therefore some might not be suitable for you.


Be Cautious


In most cases, delaying your period is totally safe and normal, and the number of women who report issues is pretty low. However, keep in mind that this process is something that is unnatural for your body, and therefore should be considered with caution and with help from your doctor.

 Firstly think about whether your period needs to be postponed, because there are many things you can do even if you are menstruating. If you find yourself to be one of many women who tend to have light, mostly painless periods, maybe period postponement is not quite necessary for you.

If you still wish to continue with period postponement, always do it as advised from your GP.