Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

Are you a person who is searching for information on – is vaping worse than smoking? Have you been switching to different web pages, but not getting the answer to this? Well, if this is the case, then you have landed on the right page. Today’s article is all about the comparison between vaping and smoking and which is more harmful to health. For example, did you know that vaping is responsible for causing severe lung diseases? ​ Before we dig into the details of this topic, let us first understand the primary line of difference between the two.


How is Vaping Different Than Smoking?


Vaping is a process of consuming electronic cigarettes. Some people think that smoking a vape is still better and less harmful than smoking a cigarette. However, it is not a well-researched topic yet. There are already more than 18 cases of vaping deaths have come forward, and around 1000 people have suffered from the lung diseases ​caused by vaping. When such reports were released, some people argued that people who died had consumed marijuana and its products while vaping. However, it was just regular nicotine. When the experienced and talented doctors approached with the same issue, they came to an understanding that vaping is dangerous because of the chemicals involved in it and not the bacteria. 

When you smoke a standard cigarette, the temperature from the fire leads to the change of a substance from a solid-state to a vapor. In cigarettes, this releases nicotine, which gets absorbed in your bloodstream, and leads to increased heart rate, constricted blood vessels. Apart, the release of dopamine in the brain makes you feel alert. On the other hand, vaping involves a metal or any glass chamber through which an electric current pass. This way, it leads to a controlled temperature creating a vapor with the help of limited combustion, which eventually leads to the formation and inhalation of lesser smoke. Vaping involves a liquid that has nicotine, flavourings, and chemicals.


What are E-Cigarettes?


The battery-operated devices that come in the shape of a regular cigarette are called e-cigarettes. Some of the other common shapes are vape mods, Jules, and vape pens. These e-cigarettes contain a high quantity of nicotine and some specific type of drug, which is very addictive. This drug gives the body a feeling of relaxation that makes people get addicted to vaping daily, which further results in higher consumption of nicotine. The only significant difference between the regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that the electronic ones contain a cartridge containing liquid nicotine. 

A study conducted in the year 2018 at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, it has been found that severe damages can be caused to DNA due to vaping. In this study, a group of 5 adults did vape for about 15 minutes, and then their saliva was taken for examination. The composition in the saliva consisted of many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and acrolein. If people are not aware, then acrolein is a type of chemical that damages the DNA of the human body.


Harmful Effects of Vaping


People are getting involved in vaping and are not usually aware of vaping side effects. For a long time, researches have been conducted on vaping dangers. It has been found that vaping leads to these following harmful effects:

  • Brain development slowdown: Vaping leads to slower brain development in the individuals that are continuously having an intake of vaping. It leads to affected memory, hampered concentration, and much more. 
  • Emotional Effects: One of the most shocking vaping side effects are the mood swings and loss of self-control. People often do not have an idea about their behaviour and what they are doing in reality.
  • Vaping Lung Disease: The most common and the most harmful effect of vaping are the lung diseases that are caused by it. Vaping leads to irritation in lungs, chronic and severe lung diseases, and even vaping deaths. The kid’s performance in sports will also be affected due to lung irritation, and they will not have enough stamina. Vaping in the early stages of life can even lead to the use of tobacco and real cigarettes in the later stage.


What to Do If You are an Addict?


You might not realize it now, but if you opted for vaping and do it regularly, you might be addicted to it. There has been not enough research on this subject, and people do not realize the vaping dangers. Especially children adopt vaping as a fun activity in the tender stages of their lives. This leads to slower brain development in them and leads to the formation of a disturbed individual. Moreover, in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of vaping deaths, side effects, lung diseases and much more. Due to this, vaping has been prohibited in Singapore, Brazil and Turkey. If, after reading this, you feel you need help; you must consult a doctor and opt for stop smoking medications.


Stop Smoking Medications


It must be kept in mind that you must initiate to quit vaping and smoking by yourself naturally. When someone starts to quit this habit, various hurdles come into their path. It may include cravings and withdrawal symptoms. There are extreme withdrawal symptoms of nicotine that you must keep in mind. They are headaches, concentration loss, and depression, difficulty in anger management, restlessness, hunger, and trouble in sleeping.

Do not worry. There are a lot of proper medications available that you can refer to on the prescription of a reliable and accredited doctor. One must note that, stop smoking medications shall not be taken on your own without consulting a doctor. This will lead to more harmful effects than benefits.

Therefore, you must understand that smoking in any form is not suitable for your health. It can pose immense health risks. Vaping too, is not safe and can cause vaping deaths, vaping side effects, and vaping lung disease. So, it is advised to not indulge in any smoking activities as they can be lethal to you and the people around you.