Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Weight Loss

Erectile dysfunction or impotence presents a problem characterized by constant inability of achieving or maintaining an erection, sometimes companied by lack of ejaculation. According to world studies, it mostly appears in men older than forty, but can also affect men in their thirties, and, unfortunately, some even younger men.

In some men, impotence can appear in a short period of time, even after years of having normal and successful sex, and can be short-lasting. In others, however, impotence can be a big problem, lasting over months and even years.

There are numerous reasons why this problem might occur in men- being too turned on, too nervous, having a genetic predisposition- these can all have an effect on your erection. 

However, that is not always the case, as erectile dysfunction is often linked to weight conditions and obesity. To understand how to treat this kind of problem, it is important to know in which ways our bodyweight negatively affects our sexual life.


Weight conditions


Being overweight certainly has some follow-up problems, many of which can seriously harm both you, your opinion about yourself and your sexual life. Some of these include diabetes, heart diseases and high cholesterol, which can, sometimes, cause impotence on their own. The simple and most important reason why erectile dysfunction is linked to obesity is that, in order to reach a successful erection, your penis requires extra blood to be sent down there, and, with these conditions, blood vessels get clogged and blood gets stuck or stopped from going where it needs to be, stopping you from getting or maintaining an erection. Another thing that makes the whole situation more complicated is that excess body fat covers your private parts and puts pressure on your penis, making it harder to erect.

Another factor linked to obesity which is assumed to negatively affect your erection is, of course, low testosterone. In a number of different scientific studies, a clear connection was made between higher-than-normal body weight and lower-than-normal testosterone level. When we combine all of these issues, we can see how they cause problems, not only on the physical scale- they also mess with your libido and self-esteem. So, even though you may not feel those thirty pounds you gained right away, you should still think about the risks weight gain involves.


Lose som pounds - get your self-esteem back


A man’s body weight can affect their libido and their self-esteem the same way it affects women. It almost comes as a magic circle- weight gain negatively affects your sexual drive and overall self-esteem, which is then, in most cases, worsened once erections become inconsistent. These issues can often raise the feeling of shame and doubt even in the most confident men.

It’s no doubt that many men find their solution in Viagra, which is proven to help on these occasions- but is it the right way? While Viagra can help you from time to time, it is not a permanent solution, and should be carefully looked into, especially if you do find yourself to be having conditions such as heart diseases. All of these medications can help you when you're in a rush- like a one-night stand, but for a final solution, you might want to consider changing some things.

So, what can you do?


Be careful what you eat


The first thing that will certainly help you with erectile dysfunction treatment includes a healthy diet, which you can either create yourself or get help from your nutritionist. But, there are certainly some foods that, even though they are healthy, are known to negatively affect your libido and lower the level of your testosterone. These include processed food, deli meats, sugar and sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages- especially beer, soy and dairy products and certain fats.

Some good foods that you can consider using to boost your testosterone can be tuna, low-fat milk, egg yolks, fortified cereals, beef, beans, watermelon, and even dark chocolate.

If you already have your diet plan, there are still some things you can consider, like making sure you eat an adequate amount of protein or using whey protein, supplements with vitamin D, magnesium and fish oil. You should also avoid fake fats and soy, as well as cigarettes and alcohol- yes, it’s hard, but it pays off.


Get physical


Possibly the best step towards a successful erectile dysfunction treatment, as well as your weight loss plan, is to stay healthy and exercise. There are numbers and numbers of workout routines that can help you lose weight and stay in shape.

 A lot of men that have successfully solved their impotence claim that, after losing some weight and getting more muscular, their sexual life immediately got better, and their erections were more frequent and stronger. Some exercises you can consider include sprints, push-ups, pull-ups or sit-ups. Another thing to consider would be gym workouts and training with a personal trainer. Even if you find it hard yourself to do extreme workouts, there are still some steps you can take.

Grab a partner and head to the woods- a good walk or even jogging will definitely make you feel better- and certainly look better. You can also try swimming and doing some easier, lighter workouts. Whatever physical activity you choose, stick to the plan and be persistent.


Give yourself a boost


Impotence can be really tough and stubborn. Many men suffer from it, and many men have battled it successfully. That is why you need to reach out, share your problems and get some advice- you are not the only one and there is no need to feel ashamed.

Ditch any negativity you might get from some “friends”, train, eat healthy and stay positive. Don’t be afraid to engage, talk and flirt with women- every woman experience impotence with their partner at least once in their lifetime. Activities like this are good for boosting the level of your testosterone and self-esteem and will definitely help you get back on track.